Introducing the iQ Buds Pro and iQ Arcs Pro, two exceptional products that epitomize cutting-edge technology. These remarkable devices come fully equipped with integrated speech translation capabilities spanning over 130 languages. With the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, multiple pristine microphones, HD audio, and the inclusion of Active Noise Cancelling, these devices offer unparalleled freedom and exceptional clarity to your conversations and music.

Exuding style, comfort, and unrivaled efficacy, ipedia ensure that you are an active participant in every conversation, regardless of your interlocutor or your geographical location. Equipped with a powerful and long-lasting battery, as well as the most advanced connectivity technology available, these buds enable you to stay connected for extended periods.

Our ingeniously designed ipedia features integrated professional-grade microphones that capture and deliver the utmost audio quality, guaranteeing that each interaction becomes an engaging and immersive experience. Constructed with the latest durable materials, they exhibit resistance to elements such as dust and rain, thereby enhancing their lifespan.

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